Understanding the Varieties of Portion Snus

The evolution of portion snus has seen diverse types, each offering unique characteristics and experiences to users. This article explores the different kinds available and the nuances that come with each one.

1. Original Portion

In the '70s, a demand emerged for pre-packaged, portioned snus, leading to the inception of the Original Portion. Characterized by its moist and dark appearance, it imparts a rapid flavor release and robust nicotine hit, commonly recognized as ordinary portion snus.

2. White Portion

Introduced in the late '90s, the White Portion Snus is not moisturized, making it less runny and contrasting it from the original portion. It provides a more gradual and smoother taste along with a more mellow nicotine sensation.

3. Nicotine Pouches (Nicopods)

Nicopods are a revolutionary type of snus containing solely nicotine, devoid of any tobacco. These portions are entirely dry, requiring a few seconds before the nicotine and flavor profile is experienced. They come in an array of flavors and have significantly gained popularity.

4. All White

All White snus is free from tobacco, hence, it's exempt from the EU's ban on snus, allowing Premier Snus to distribute it throughout the EU to countries like Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Different Sizes of Portion Snus

Large: The most conventional size, it provides efficient and tasteful distribution of taste and nicotine.

Slim: Preferred by many for its prolonged taste and reduced flow.

Super Slim: More discreet than slim but offers equivalent taste and nicotine experience.

Mini: Small and discreet with a mild and pleasant taste and nicotine sensation.

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